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Which stage lighting control technology is better? -[Longdi Light]


1 Introduction.

Stage lighting control technology has occupied an extremely important position in the development of the performing arts equipment industry. A simple study of the stage lighting control technology will help us to have a deeper understanding of the lighting control technology. This article from the control system, console and dimmer content, the stage light control technology which is better? Briefly, an overview of the current development of stage lighting control technology.

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Stage lighting control can be divided into three basic systems, namely, dimmer control system, computer light control system, color changer control system.

In terms of connection method, it has experienced three times: analog, digital (DMX) and network. In the analog and digital era, the three control systems are basically independent of each other and become self-contained. After entering the network era,the three systems synthesize a large system that strengthen the control functions and facilitates management. (The direction of modern stage lighting control system design is networked digital intelligent dimming.)

2.1 Analog connection of lighting control

At the beginning of the birth of the thyristor illuminator, dimming control is dimmed by changing the resistance of one of the resistors in the trigger circuit. The widely used resistive phase shifting trigger circuit was a typical example. This type of resistance control can be centrally controlled and can only be operated by a single person in the south. It has been improved to become voltage control, making multi-channel centralized control possible. The lighting console sends a control voltage to each dimmer through a multi-core cable to achieve light control. This is the analog connection of the stage withered.


2.2 digital connection of lighting control

The birth of a computer lighting console and digital dimming cabinet made the digital connection of the stage lighting possible. The desire to remove a large number of control lines is possible.


2.3 Network connection of lighting control

Although network technology is also digital technology in nature, the development of computer networks. Bringing new vitality to the stage lighting. It has had a huge impact on the development of lighting control technology. 

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2.3.1 stage lighting control network.

With the development of drama art and science and technology, stage lighting has become larger and larger in scale and the functions are getting higher and higher, especially the special requirements for lighting control in large squares, artistic performances in stadiums and theme parks.

The computer network industry is a much larger industry than the entertainment industry. There is a strong technical development force, and network technology is widely used in all walks of life around the world. There are also a large number of inexpensive and good equipment available. With the support of powerful and mature computer network technology. Lighting control network has a solid foundation.


2.3.2 lighting network control system.

The composition of the lighting control network system varies according to different system sizes, functional requirements, and different products, but the basic principles are the same. The main components in the stage lighting control network are of course lighting consoles, digital dimming cabinets, computer lights, color changers and other lighting equipment, just application network technology and some network equipment such as network distributors (usually switches and hubs), Cables, etc. connect them together to form a local area network (LAN).


Since the current dimmers, computer lights and other devices use the DMX protocol, signal conversion between Ethernet and DMX is required in the lighting control network. In order to achieve remote monitoring, it is also necessary to convert the video signal. These are all implemented by "stage nodes" specially developed by the stage lighting equipment manufacturers.

The control system of the computer light is usually composed of several computer lights and a matching computer light console. They are connected in series by a multi-core control cable (XLR).

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3.Power system

Consistently operated by the computer console, the staff only needs to program in front of the console to control the movement of all the lights. The computer light is equipped with one or two single-chip microprocessors (also known as single-chip microcomputers). The single-chip processor is made by integrating the CPU and a small amount of RAM, ROM, and I/O ports on a single piece of silicon. A single microprocessor sends a signal. The micro-stepping motor in the machine is moved by the driving circuit to drive the movement of each color wheel, the pattern piece, the lens and the mirror, thereby generating various color and shape beams and their movement in space.

The computer light console wants a computer light to do something. The first thing to do is to find this computer light. To identify a computer light in the same DMX signal, the console must be resolved by looking up the address code. Therefore, each computer light must be set with an address code before use.


Due to the different manufacturers of computer lights. There are two representations of 512 channels. One is 000-51l and the other is 001-512. Therefore, the setting of the address code of the computer light starts from 001 and starts from 001. The address code of the computer light is through the binary dial switch on the computer light. In the ON state of the switch, the leftmost digit represents "1", the second digit of the left represents "2", the third digit of the left represents "4", and the fourth digit of the left represents "8". The fifth digit on the left represents "16" and so on.